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Web Application

We experienced more than 7 years to build web-based information systems and application such as ERP, E-Governance, Management Information systems, Asset Management, Integration Public Service Information Systems, Integrated API, Inventory Systems, Productivity Applications, and Geographic Information System. We always provide a great solution to support your business.

Enterprise Resource Planning

          We are offers a variety of ERP solutions that help Organizations in a wide spectrum of subsectors to Automate, Plan, Collaborate and Execute according to their unique business requirements. Our scalable ERP solutions never lock you in to one mode of Operation. Instead, they offer a breadth of functionality that enables you to Automate Key Processes, Meet fluctuating Customer demands and Compliance requirements, and Collaborate internally as well as externally across your supply chain-all at a low total cost of ownership. Our solutions minimize waste and Increase Quality and Productivity; strong after sales service capabilities expedite service management.

          Our ERP Solutions integrates the Processes, Procedures, Workflows and the Data of an Organization into one highly effective system. Our ERP Solutions which are designed in Modules provide reliability and Flexibility alongside Efficiency and Adaptability. Our Cutting Edge solutions are developed with the focus on making our clients business spell success and being more competitive in this fast paced world.


          E-Governance by leveraging ICT (Information and Communication Technology) facilitates delivery of public services and broader interactions between citizens and government. In turn, effective governance has several benefits for the economy and citizens as a whole. Success of the governments recent budgetary thrust for developing Indonesian region is dependent on effectiveness of the delivery mechanism. Government outreach programs draw on technology and large number of people for implementing them. Our service provides governments back end support and the flexibility to manage a distributed workforce while monitoring the production data centrally in the comfort of their offices. By combining our expertise in ICT and insight of the Indonesian region, we offer information system for governance to support in providing services to citizen.

Our technology driven services for E-Governance include:

  1. Management Information System such as Tax application, licensing services, employes management system etc.
  2. Monitoring and Evaluasion System.
  3. Web Portal Online Intitution.
  4. Network Infrastructure.
  5. Server and Personal Computer Hardware Procurement.
  6. GIS (Geographi Information System) and Mapping Directory System.

Our technology driven services for E-Governance include:

  1. Digitalization of Archives Information System
  2. L-Govyst (License Government Services System)
  3. Exclusive of taxes information system
  4. Network Infrastructure.
  5. Hardware Procurement

DMS ( Document Management System )

          Most organizations, through the years, accumulate a huge amount of documents. As the documents accumulate so does the need to effectively store and index them. E-Docs provide tools that allow you to capture, route, store, manage, and archive your unstructured data in a very secure way. Document management solutions allow you to manage this unstructured data by storing it in a single repository and linking it together by one or more keys (e.g., customer number, employee ID). It can then be quickly and easily accessed by authorized users only either directly from within the document management system, or through one or more of your organizations software applications.

          A well-designed document management solution can significantly lower operational costs and improve the efficiency with which documents and other electronic content are handled. With applicated E-Docs your company will have following benefits:

  1. Reduced costs associated with storing and retrieving paper and electronic documents
  2. Reduced storage space
  3. Improved operational efficiencies through the electronic routing and sharing of documents
  4. Improved security of electronic content, including paper documents that have been converted into an electronic format
  5. Enhanced ability to provide operational continuity in the event of a disaster
  6. Improved regulatory compliance

MIS ( Managemen Information System )

          We offer our customers with highly professional Management Information System (MIS) related services. These services are rendered by our team of experts, which ensures that the provided information is useful to manage the organization. Management Information System is a subset of the overall internal controls procedures used in a business. These procedures include the application of people, technologies, documents, and procedures. Management of various organizations use these procedures for solving various business problems, such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy.


Recording information an institution can be seen from the existence of the archive file.
Actually never been specially created, but the archives will be born if there is activity within the
institution. Thus, the archive will be documentary evidence or as a reminder as well regulatory
activities of the institution concerned.
The design and development of archival information systems organized with the intent and
purpose as follows:

  1. Improve the performance capabilities of Archive Institution in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency of The implementation of archival unit serving in various fields of work / work units.
  2. Develop Archiving Center Information System (ARCHIS) and use it as a source of information to produce archival information system to support the smooth task accountable institutions.
  3. Improve the quality of human resource managers of archives that have expertise in the field of dynamic and static records management professionals.
  4. Improve infrastructure facilities to support activities in order to examine the correspondence and archival analyzes, and presents data relating to archives and records for the benefit of static archive Agencies

The expected output of the planning and development of archival information systems are:

  1. Archiving Center Information System (ARCHIS) as mailing Archival Information Systems that support the reliable effectiveness and efficiency of institution activity.
  2. To provide facilities for the management, access and distribution records so as to enhance and optimize the value of information, facilitate and improve institution performance.
  3. The resource management system is able to operate the archives.

E Commerce

           Having online stores (Shop Online) itself is a necessity in today's digital era, online shop it is able to increase the benefits of branding in the market, distributing sales and provide convenience to customers in conducting on-line transactions. Online stores are able to provide the ease in which all people around the world can order and purchase products sold only through the medium of a computer and is not limited by distance and time.

           In this era many obstacles in building a store, one of which is the capital and the location of the store, where we have to pay rental stores, clerks, administrative files, personal record inventory and sometimes the results are less satisfactory, where as the value of selling the goods we offer are able to answer needs of the market and the price is competitive, the solution is to e-commerce, all the above problems will be easily handled with a very minimal cost.

SIPUTRI ( Sistem Perizinan Usaha Terintegrasi )

          Licensing service is one aspect of the maintenance of government in the areas most directly felt by the public, because the ministry of Licensing has a strategic value for regional government. To support performance of the Service License in terms of delivering best services for the public and the effectiveness and efficiency of the work then one of his tools (media) used. To further simplify, accelerate, simplify and improve service to the public, the process of implementation of the operations will be assisted and supported by information technology.

          Licensing is one task of the Government in Development Arranging includes City Management, Industry, and Regional Potential as Tourism, Mining and Marine Resources in Municipal Government Policy License hopefully attract investment and encourage the people participation that actively participates in various development activities. Some of the factors that inhibit the Permissions investor as the most frequently managed problem Licensing development, and society in general, among others, is long and bureaucratic Licensing convoluted, burdensome requirements, not transparent, the process is long, and the high cost.

          SIPUTRI (Sistem Perizinan Usaha Terintegrasi) is a solution that we offer to help the government, especially as the organizers of the license and also to society in general as the parties who need quick service licensing, transparency and accessibility of information. SIPUTRI developed with the concept of e-Govermance which is an effort to develop electronic-based rule maintenance in order to improve the quality of public services in an effective, efficient and achieving ambitions govermance good.

SIMFONI (Sistem Informasi Management Front Office)

          The SIMFONI is a one-way portal to manage management guests / visitors and guests recapitulation and monitoring of data in an agency. This application is integrated with a camera webcam with the ability of face motion (Motion Sensor Front Readers) and Scan ID card directly.
          One illustration, when the input data is automatically recorded hours of arrival guest data hour-minute-second, came purposes and objectives visitors / Needs to meet with somebody, photos, ID cards in detail.
There is a list of monitoring that come on the day listed in the system (the current day). The guest list can be printed in the form of word and PDF.

          Featured owned integrated with mobile and able to be accessed from the public and private IP as the answers from people who want to be seen by guests, whether to wait, cancel meetings or reject meeting.

          Provide a summary in accordance with the categories being able to know the identity and guests who visit each starting from the parameters of the desired data.

Web Portal

          Web portal is a site that has a major role in the digital age. One of them providing easy access to information about an organization / company / products / Agencies. Feature that must be owned by a web portal is integrated with social media, easy to find in search engines (SEO) updated ease of data, news, events, publication about promotions, events, photos, videos and the addition of several features that match the needs of an organization as well as access optimization in mobile devices (Responsive web).

          In addition, the web portal that is built must have a good security system, good content is displayed and can be easily updated and access.

Online Media

          Online Media is a product of online journalism. Online journalism is defined journalismecyber- referred to also as "reporting the facts or events that are produced and distributed via the Internet" (wikipedia).

          Technically or physically, online media is a media-based telecommunications and multimedia (computer and internet). Including online media category is a portal, a website (websites, including blogs), online radio, online TV, and email.

          Online media content comprises: Text, Visual / Image, Audio, and Audio-Visual (Video).

Online Media Features:

  1. News
  2. CMS (Content Management System)
  3. Multimedia
  4. RSS Feed
  5. Social Media Integration
  6. Polling
  7. Logs History & Summary Subscriber
  8. Headline Management
  9. Advertising Management
  10. News Category Management
  11. User Management
  12. SEO (Search Enginee Optimizer)


          SIPKT (Sistem Informasi Pelayanan Kesehatan Terpadu) / (Integrated Health Care Information System) Is an information system designed to meet the minimum requirements needed in health information management activities, ranging from the process of collecting, recording, processing and distribution of health information.

          Based on the Decree of the Minister of Health No. 511 on "Policy and the National Health Information Strategy (SIKNAS)" and Kepmenkes 932 on "Implementation Guidelines for Development of Regional Health Information System (HMIS)" basically entire health care unit that
includes health centers and hospitals, both government and private, can be connected through a network of cooperation SIKDA Generic applications, so it can be exchange of data and information, as well as assisting in the management of data / information that is always ready to give an overview of data or health condition intact and up to date.

          SIPKT designed to meet standard Health Information Systems from the Ministry of Health,
which will be integrated with SIKDA Kepmenkes Generic accordance with 511 and 932.
SIPKT designed to meet a wide range of health care activities, the following are some SIPKT
modules namely :

  1. Patient Registration Module
  2. Service Module
  3. Pharmacy module
  4. Inpatient Module
  5. Cashier module
  6. Reports module

Smart TV Application

          Smart TV is the next step in television technology, because it combines the computer and access the Internet with a high quality screen. Smart TV allows viewers to check YouTube *, Facebook *, and other popular sites while watching TV. In essence, the smart TV brings the Internet into the living room. When technology increases, many of these devices be able to apply as a standard computer when browsing the web and even internet

          Just like Smartphone, Smart TV also has hundreds of applications that are ready for download and install via the app store. We have experience in the development of smart TV application for your needs. Entertainment, education, widget, multimedia, games, social media and
other applications, we are ready to support the needs of those who want to have an app Smart TV.

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