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Multimedia and Games

Our team is full of imaginative talents, artists, and dreamers who want to realize every imagination becomes an amazing game with the awesome gaming experience. 
Build it on various of platform such mobile smartphone, tablet, desktop and web.

We want to always give the benefit. happiness, and smile with our product. 
We also develop a game that can be a business solution, branding, marketing, education, and even training.

With all the products and services that we have, we believe the key to quality, innovation and trust emerge from the creative people who are passionate, professional, talented, and gifted in his field and that’s us.

Casual Advertising Games

          We can make your brand or products to get closer to customers with creative and addictive games on various platforms. Promote your brand or products at booth or event to attract more attention from audience with games which we created for your business.

With Casual Advertising Games, you will get :

  1. Fun and Addictive game experience
  2. Branding content in the screen, story or gameplay.
  3. Various gameplay you may choose which is suitable with your product/brand.
  4. Several features such as leaderboard and share to attract more customers.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

          Imagine a 3D object animation or video suddenly appears in front of you even on your hands and interact with you directly. Bring your brand/product marketing to the next level media andbeyond imagination.

          Augmented reality can be implemented on a smartphone, kios-K / booth for the event, stage presentation, brochures, posters, newspapers, magazines, books, or DVD covers, and much more.

Applications can be made with augmented reality :

  1. AR Photobooth, Capture the moment with the magic of AR.
  2. AR Apps, Presents a miracle on your hand.
  3. AR Games, Play the game in the real worl

Games Arcades

Yes, we can make 3D animations or games with augmented reality that give you another way to reach more people attention on your brochure, poster, product packaging, or even your booth wall.

Game Casual


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